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Skin Preparation Instructions


  • Exfoliate with body polish & moisturize the body daily 3-5 days before your tan application. Concentrating on dry areas such as the elbows, knees, ankles and the back of your hands.


  • Wax/shave 48-72 hours before your tan application. Waxing in advance allows the pores to close and prevents irritation and dotting appearance where hair has been removed.  


  • Shower before your tanning appointment using oil-free soap. 


  • Do not apply lotions, moisturizers, oils, perfumes, deodorants or makeup before tanning appointment. 


    • Wear loose, dark clothing to application. Tanner will transfer to anything you touch. Please avoid wearing socks and a bra as they will create lines. 


    • Avoid sweating as your tan could run and may leave marks.


    • Avoid chlorinated water, swimming after tan application. As the chlorinated water will bleach the tan and the longer you soak the body the quicker the tan will come off.


    • When showering after tan application, have a brief shower using water only. Avoid using soap or shower gels.  Pat your body dry avoid rubbing.


      *** Bodybuilding clients - DO NOT SHOWER after initial tan application. Touch ups will be done before the show. We will fix any streaks or marks, but do your best to protect your tan beforehand. 


    • Do not use a body scrub, exfoliating products or mitts after tan application.


    • Apply moisturizer daily or  tan extender to prolong the length of your tan.